So often we’re moving fast, handling the work and personal lives we forged and rarely slow down long enough to acknowledge all we have accomplished, contributed, and how much we’ve learned and grown. This is especially true in these last weeks of the year, as we wrap up projects and prepare to celebrate winter holidays.  Today as you take this in, bask for a moment in all you have lived this year. Allow the following list to elicit photos in your mental picture show of all you have experienced in 2017. For all these, take a bow.  

  • For every project you played a role in, whether large or small, own your part of its ultimate success.
  •  For every acknowledgement, thank you or compliment you’ve generously shared, know you made a difference to the recipient, and that had ripple effects.  
  • For every teaching and learning moment, absorb the understanding that you’re constantly learning and sharing that with those whom you interact.
  • For every person, animal or situation you’ve soothed in a troubling time, appreciate the effects of your kindness.
  • For every personal challenge you have navigated, acknowledge yourself, your courage and grit.
  • For the huge ah-hahs and the baby learning steps, know our shared unlimited capacity for growth and learning.
  • For every time you held it together and didn’t lambast someone annoying you, well done!
  • For each time you gave yourself or another the benefit of believing in inherent goodness and well-meaning intentions, thank you.
  • For every time you felt knocked down and yet you rose again or held out a hand to another to help them stand, bravo!

One of the things I’ve learned this year is that people hold immeasurable goodness and for the most part, are very generous.  We are all navigating this journey together and doing the best we can with what we have at any given moment.  Sometimes I behave much better than other times and I am immensely grateful for those who graciously make allowances for the times I’m impatient or clipped in my tone. Let us give a wide margin to all for days that try us. May all of us take a bow for how much we’re getting right and aim for more of that in the coming year. May your holidays and holy days be blessed and full of celebration.

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