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Through working with Teri, I was able to put a system in place for managing my time and commitments better. I was struggling to remember all my agreements with people and get all the administrative tasks done, too. I was in overwhelm. We developed a system for prioritizing and planning twice a day that keeps me on track and most importantly, handling things in the order of their priority.
— Mark, Financial Consultant
Teri helped me move off my plateau and out of my rut. Her perspective, insights and wealth of knowledge provided just the right tools at the right time. She instinctively understood what approach was right for my style as a business owner, meaning we got the maximum use of our time together. I can recommend Teri without hesitation. Even if you don’t think you need a coach, every small business owner can benefit from a partner like Teri.
— Shelley, IT Consultant

Teri helped me sort out several issues that were keeping me stuck in my training and speaking business. I’m a creative, energetic guy and having someone challenge me to get clear about my priorities and then put structure to accomplishing them was a huge value. One of the best things to come out of my work with Teri was assembling an informal board of advisors for the areas I felt less competent in. This was a major benefit and boost to my confidence.
— Jim, Corporate Trainer

Teri has been a fabulous coach for me these last three months.  I appreciated her frank and honest feedback and challenge that I might be depressed. Taking a look at that gave me the opportunity to be at choice about how I was looking at life, my attitude and what I wanted to achieve. She facilitated me being the focus and decision maker which made me feel more capable and that I didn’t need fixing. I am in a better place of spirit and emotional stability thanks to her coaching.
 — Georgine, Small Business Owner

Teri has helped me redefine who I thought was. It has been a shift from a timid self who was afraid of asking for more, to someone who knows she deserves wealth, respect, and joy in life, someone who stands her ground. At times, I still go back and forth between the old self and the new self, and in this process, Teri constantly challenges me to take actions to prove my self-worth, and to build confidence and conviction that an even brighter future is ahead.
— R.T., Independent Translation Professional

When I first began working with Teri, I was working at a job I hated. She coached me through a very difficult transition and through the work I did with her, was able to map out a course that led to obtaining my master’s in art therapy. Today, I provide therapy for children and families who are grieving. My work is very meaningful and satisfying. I know I’m making a difference and I’m so glad I had a coach to help me sort out what I really wanted to do.
— D.B., Art Therapist

Teri was my coach during an incredibly vulnerable and painful time in my life. I needed to do a lot of twisting, turning crying, etc. and she supported me in creating a very safe place in which I could do this as much as I needed to, and in which I could say I was done with that story. She very gently pushed me to trust myself and challenge myself. She was so patient with me. Most of all though, she created and held a safe, gentle space for me to experience and explore. That was the most valuable. Teri is a great coach for healing and exploring options, choices, feelings, letting go and moving on to what is next. The relationship was very grounded in a spiritual way as well, which was a huge necessity for me in a coaching relationship.
— J.B., Entrepreneur
When I made the call to Teri, I was at a crossroads. My husband had passed away about a year prior, I was raising our 5-year-old son, and I was working full-time at a demanding job as a people manager and a project lead. The combination was becoming overwhelming so I decided I needed a job change to revive my passion for what I do well and to find a better work/life balance. Teri offered a nurturing and flexible approach. I’m typically a person who needs structure, but in working with me, she suggested that my process for change maybe needed to evolve more organically. This was an accurate assessment. Besides focusing on career avenues, I also need to give attention to my low spirit and confidence. Through Teri’s insights and encouragement, I have made headway rekindling both and it has made a positive effect on how I perceive and handle my current job, engage in things that energize me and determine family priorities. Teri will continue to be a source of support for me.
— J.C., Microsoft Project Lead

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