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Increasing Self-Esteem to Match High Confidence

In one of the forums I write for, someone approached me with the following question: As someone with high confidence, but low self-esteem, what is the best way to approach increasing my self-esteem to match my confidence? Here are the steps I encouraged this person to...

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What If The Universe is Designed to Bring Us Together?

Want to know a secret? It is a belief about how the universe may operate. What if (those of you who know me well know I love this question!)…what if all of the things we think we need to do or be are merely vehicles used to get us to play together? Here is what I...

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What Makes a Successful Team?

One of the teams I facilitate is completing their six-months together and we were asked to name ten factors that contributed to our success. Here they are: Vision casting from the heart: In the beginning of our time together, we each asked What is my highest vision...

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Authenticity in Business – Are you nuts?

This month, I’d like to introduce you to Tinus Van der merwe, my colleague and business partner from South Africa. Tinus and I share strengths training and a long history of organizational development work with leaders and teams. I know you will get value from the...

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Achieving Flow State: Mapping the Path

We often hear people talking about how their best ideas occur to them when they are “in the zone,” or in a state of flow. When I hear descriptions like this, they sometimes sound like the person believes they somehow found their way to this state through a set of...

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Love as the Ultimate Fuel: Good Business Practice

In working with accomplished people in setting success principles for nearly two decades, it has become apparent that sustained success and achievement requires a renewable source of fuel. Although it may sound odd, the one that works like magic is love. Here’s what’s...

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What Makes You Proud to be an American?

What about this country makes you proud to be an American? I’m proud to be an American when I think about the values on which it was based, about the intentions of our founding fathers when they drafted the constitution. I’m proud of our achievements in all...

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How Do We Live An Inspired Life with Purpose?

Contrary to the stereotype many of us hold, inspired living is not exclusive to monks meditating on mountains, musicians penning lyrics, or writers waiting for their next big idea while strolling beaches. We all have access to a life that is inspired and tied to a...

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Engagement at Work: Whose Responsibility Is It?

According to Gallup’s latest State of the American Workplace report due out March 7, only one third of the people interviewed described themselves as engaged at work. Gallup describes engagement as more than feeling happy with your work, but being energized, excited...

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Is Your Self Image Keeping Up with Your Evolution?

A client this week brought great insight to our conversation when she got quiet after a question and said, “I think I’m still seeing myself as a stay-at-home Mom, even though the last of my kids is away at school. My image as a professional hasn’t kicked in.” This was...

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Growth Mindset or Strengths? Which do We Follow?

Which is right, grit and growth mindset, as described by Carol Dweck in her book, Mindset: The New Psychology of Success or the philosophy at StrengthsFinder/Gallup? This was a question posed to me recently by a group who follow my posts. Here was my answer: both are...

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The Power of Play: Creating a Bonded Team

Part of my work involves helping newly formed teams bond and align quickly for the purpose of creating innovative solutions. I’ve written before about how valuable Improv can be as a tool to help groups get to that place of high trust, keen understanding and a...

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The Business Case for Soulful Connection

The world is hungry for soulful connection. In a conversation today with a very accomplished woman in India, I heard that hunger. She has a stellar educational background with degrees from two of our most prestigious Ivy-League colleges. She founded a successful...

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Celebrating Curiosity: Keeping Your Brain Healthy

Have you ever thought about that natural element of curiosity we all share? Movie clips are designed to pique this very human desire to know more, to know the story, what happened and what does it mean? Many times when I see these clips before the main attraction, I...

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Challenging the Status Quo: Knowing When It’s Time to Grow

How do you manage a plateau in your career trajectory? Several have reached out to ask about how to respond to that feeling of being “in the doldrums” on their career/life path. Some have described feeling disengagement, boredom, or a sense of apathy about work which...

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The Gift of Full Presence: Ignore Your Monkey Mind

Today, there was a break in my schedule that coincided with a beautiful, mild sunlit afternoon. My partner and I decided to take advantage of the opportunity with a bike ride for him, a walk for me on the Tobacco Trail not far from our home. I was five minutes down...

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