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Can Online Meetings be Productive AND Fun?

We’ve heard from a lot of leaders and managers this week who are struggling with the shift to meeting virtually. They ask, “How can I keep people engaged and lighthearted when they are feeling so anxious and disconnected?” and “What can we do to make this be as fun and painless as possible?”

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How to Give Helpful Feedback in Employee Reviews

One question I get frequently from newly promoted managers and leaders is how to give constructive feedback in their reviews. We’ve all had the kind of reviews that create a knot in the stomach, or sweaty palms—whether you are the recipient or the one delivering.

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Developing Resilience in Yourself and Your Team

What are your go-to strategies to maintain resilience when events demand extended schedules over several days or more? In conversations with executives and friends lately, this idea has been surfacing frequently. We are trying to cram more…

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Flip It: How Team Conflict Can be Constructive

As you think about the teams you are part of, do you recognize the conflict avoiders—those who find a way to leave meetings when the conversation gets a little heated? How about those who are overly accommodating…

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Where Will You Invest? What Will You Get In Return?

A friend and colleague had a productivity training event in my area, and we decided to reconnect over dinner last night, with her staying over before her flight out this morning. When I asked her about what was on the attendees’ minds most, what they were struggling with, she looked sad.

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Uniting Virtual Teams: Cultivating High Performance

When teams from different countries, generations and cultures come together to collaborate on a project, everyone’s best interest is served by this group uniting and truly coming together as a cohesive, supportive group as quickly as possible.

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Deeper Truths: Seeing Beyond the Surface

Recently, I was excited to share ideas about a new project with a friend of mine, who also happens to be a colleague. I was feeling fabulous about the potential of this project and impatient to share thoughts and ideas. In retrospect, I might have been more sensitive to his mood…

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How to Detoxify Your Team

When a team is showing toxic behaviors, it has been my experience that the behavior is always tied to a common denominator: loss, or lack of trust. With some honest dialogue, trust may be re-built between members.

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Creating a Coaching Culture: Three Strategies and Payoffs

Often in my work with executives, they grasp right away the value of having an executive coach to bounce ideas off, to process thoughts as they speak, to challenge their point of view and have them come out even more clear on their position and way forward.

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Conflict: The Role it Plays in Healthy Teams

I grew up in a family where debate was encouraged but passionate conflict was awkward and scary, because someone inevitably stomped out of the room, slamming the door behind them. I’ve since learned that there is a way that healthy conflict…

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Changing a Culture

Three times in the last week I was asked, “How do we change a work culture?” My answer is that it starts with you, with me, with each one of us. We’ve heard the abbreviated form of a quote from Gandhi enough times that it may have become a cliché.

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What Turns a Strength into A Weakness?

This question came across my desk recently: “Can a strength also be a weakness?” My answer: “Yes, absolutely!” In fact, when a strength goes into overuse, it has become a weakness. Here are a couple of examples:

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Take a Bow

So often we’re moving fast, handling the work and personal lives we forged and rarely slow down long enough to acknowledge all we have accomplished, contributed, and how much we’ve learned and grown. This is especially true in these last weeks of the year, as we wrap...

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Redefining Success: How We Navigate Overwhelm

Do you remember the last time you felt completely caught up at work and at home? For me, that was in the late 70’s prior to the internet and information explosion. Most of us will not feel again that sense of being “all caught up” in the current world we have...

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