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Step Into the Willingness to Not Know

I am delighted to be immersed in learning from some of the most amazing human potential thought leaders on the planet today through WBECS Executive Coaching PreSummit and Summit. Here is an unexpected theme I am noticing: the willingness to not know opens doors to new...

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Drop Everything and Reflect

I first learned of the DEAR acronym in George Couros’ book, The Innovator’s Mindset, where he explained this practice used by the teachers in his school to encourage students to pause frequently and actually think about what they are experiencing, what they are taking...

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Accept the Unacceptable: Embracing Weakness to be Strong

I am a recovering perfectionist, and I know from nearly two decades listening to senior managers that we are legion. All of us have certain areas where it shows up, and many of us, if we are honest, want everything we do to be done flawlessly. In life and business,...

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How a Strengths Culture Supports Innovation

When and where do you get your best ideas? On your commute? In the shower? While you are pulling weeds from the garden? Most of us get great ideas when we are simply noodling mentally while engaged in some physical activity that doesn’t require a lot of mental power....

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Seeing Through the Lens of Your Primary Strengths

Last week I had the opportunity to provide strengths coaching for the Chair Academy’s Annual Leadership Conference attendees.  These are department chairs for colleges and universities around the country who have a variety of teams reporting to them.  As the week...

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Creating a State of Flow

Don't you love those days where it seems you can do no wrong and things magically line up so that you hit all the green lights, there's no line at the bank and people are delightful in every meeting? We all have those moments where we are in that state of flow, where...

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Intentional Generosity: The Payoffs

A couple of weeks back, I wrote about an experiment I was conducting to see whether people were able to intuit a generous intent and promised to post my results here. Although it has only been two weeks, I've discovered that there are many payoffs in favor of...

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Can We Intuit a Generous Intent

I've noticed a definite link between consciously choosing to be generous in my relationships with others and the way they respond to me in kind. I'm wondering whether the mere intent to be giving is enough to send out some kind of unspoken signal to those I'm working...

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Your Intrinsic Brand

In reading a "how to" recently about all the steps we as entrepreneurs must take to brand ourselves, I quickly understood why so many of my clients felt extremely overwhelmed by their to-do lists. There were about 30 items on the recommended list. If I did all those...

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Access to Unlimited Energy

I've been noticing how many of us remark about a dip in energy from time to time and how when that happens, there is a tendency to see the energy as residing in or being generated by the body. Here is a shift in perspective that may be helpful: energy is an unlimited...

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Get Unstuck: Declare Your Ambiguity

Whether you are starting a new project on your own or working in collaboration with a team, those murky areas where you aren't clear what the facts are, what you want, what's even possible can stop you and the group in your tracks and the whole project can come to a...

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Identifying High Potential Employees

I was recently asked what some of the identifying characteristics are for employees who have the potential to lead. Here is a partial checklist: They see the big picture and how each segment supports that picture They are comfortable communicating up and down the org...

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The Genius In You

How often do you acknowledge the brilliant, creative ideas you come up with? We all have them, you know. The thing is, when they come from us, we tend to brush them off. “Someone else must have already thought of this by now,” we say to ourselves. Maybe, maybe not....

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