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The Business Case for Soulful Connection

The world is hungry for soulful connection. In a conversation today with a very accomplished woman in India, I heard that hunger. She has a stellar educational background with degrees from two of our most prestigious Ivy-League colleges. She founded a successful...

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Celebrating Curiosity: Keeping Your Brain Healthy

Have you ever thought about that natural element of curiosity we all share? Movie clips are designed to pique this very human desire to know more, to know the story, what happened and what does it mean? Many times when I see these clips before the main attraction, I...

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Challenging the Status Quo: Knowing When It’s Time to Grow

How do you manage a plateau in your career trajectory? Several have reached out to ask about how to respond to that feeling of being “in the doldrums” on their career/life path. Some have described feeling disengagement, boredom, or a sense of apathy about work which...

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The Gift of Full Presence: Ignore Your Monkey Mind

Today, there was a break in my schedule that coincided with a beautiful, mild sunlit afternoon. My partner and I decided to take advantage of the opportunity with a bike ride for him, a walk for me on the Tobacco Trail not far from our home. I was five minutes down...

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What Signal Are You Broadcasting? You Are Your Brand

I've been doing an experiment with those I know lately to illustrate the point of this article. I asked them to tell me in a word or two the dominant image or feeling that comes forward when they think of these names: Mother Theresa Jerry Seinfeld Oprah Winfrey Howard...

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Neutralize A Blue Funk with Focus and Strengths Intelligence

More people have been reaching out lately to ask what to do when they get in a down mood, or a blue funk. No matter what title we hold in our organizations, we have this common humanity of navigating our emotions. It’s with us no matter how loved we are, or prosperous...

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Courting Dissent: How Listening Expands Innovation

We tend to lean in the direction of those who think like we do. We say, “he’s remarkably intelligent,” about the fellow who has come to a similar conclusion as our own. If we want to come up with truly innovative solutions, however, we learn to invite dissenting...

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Strengths, Innovation and Improv: Their Common Elements

A couple of years ago, I decided to take an improv class to have some fun activities to bring to my training events and to get better at thinking on the fly. I also wanted to have fun - I’d gotten a sample of improv at a leadership-development event and I wanted more....

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Cultivating Fearlessness: Tame Your Dragon

Centuries ago, before we knew the world was round, mapmakers labelled unexplored regions with this warning: Here Be Dragons At the time, there were so many unknown factors about where no explorer had been or had lived to tell the tale, that this warning seemed...

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Strengths in Overuse: How Frustration Can Be a Clue

When clients show up with a deep frustration in their work, one of the places we look is their top strengths to see whether one of them might be out of balance or, we might say, in overuse.  Here are a couple of examples from recent conversations.  David,* an internal...

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How You Innovate: The Role of Your Strengths Lens

Just as our gender or country of origin or religion colors the way we see ourselves in the world, our primary strengths color the way we approach innovation and creativity.  In interviewing people from the four strengths domains of Strategic Thinking, Executing,...

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Performance Reviews with a Strengths Focus

During my time in Redmond, Washington, I worked with several executives from a giant tech firm famous for its brutal performance review process. Some of these executives literally got sick each time reviews came around. They were required to cut the bottom 10% of...

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How Strengths Are Tied to Emotional Triggers

We all have our hot buttons that—when pushed—send us into an emotional tailspin of anger, frustration, or another less-than-positive state. Would it surprise you to know that those triggers are tied to your strengths? Here’s how: Each strength brings a certain set of...

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The Executive Playbook: Continual Revision Leads to Mastery

Just as a great football team is constantly revising and upgrading their playbook after reviewing game footage, we all can benefit from this strategy. Greatness or mastery in any arena or game is achieved by consistent practice and applying what we learn. Sounds...

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Step Into the Willingness to Not Know

I am delighted to be immersed in learning from some of the most amazing human potential thought leaders on the planet today through WBECS Executive Coaching PreSummit and Summit. Here is an unexpected theme I am noticing: the willingness to not know opens doors to new...

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