Centuries ago, before we knew the world was round, mapmakers labelled unexplored regions with this warning:

Here Be Dragons

At the time, there were so many unknown factors about where no explorer had been or had lived to tell the tale, that this warning seemed warranted. Thankfully, there were those courageous enough to set sail on these uncharted seas despite the dire warning. We often think others are simply more fearless than we are, but I believe fearlessness is a quality we can cultivate. I’ve helped countless clients master their fear or tame their particular dragon and over the years, it has become increasingly clear to me that this is a trait that pays big dividends and is worth pursuing.

Imagine for a moment, how our world has evolved and benefitted by the fearlessness of explorers in every genre: space exploration, entertainment, medicine, deep-sea diving, technology, economics, spirituality, the arts, to name a few. Challenging the status quo in any area requires big courage – getting out of our own comfort zone can be daunting. In his TedX Talk, Jeff Nelsen shares his ideas about the value of fearlessness: http://tedxtalks.ted.com/video/TEDxBloomington-Jeff-Nelsen-Fea;search%3Afearlessness#.WBozDR2P9M0.twitter

I’ve noticed for myself and my clients how our quality of life are different as we diminish fear and enlarge our faith and trust. Here are a few benefits I experience:

  • My body is less tense, more at ease and functions better
  • My mind is calmer and I have access to a different, higher level of thinking
  • I have more energy; it feels like energy is more available to me
  • I’m less guarded and more inspired to venture forth into new areas
  • The voice of intuition and guidance come through more clearly
  • My heart, mood and outlook are cheerier and more optimistic
  • Love flows more freely through me to others and seems to come back in greater measure
  • I’m more open and inclusive of others when trust and faith are strong
  • I tend to be more giving and generous, willing to take time to help others

    “See emotions as a form of weather, as changeable as the sky. When you have fear, put up your umbrella and keep walking.” – The Seven Whispers

The Power of Focus

We have more power than we think we do, and part of that power lies in our ability to choose our focus. When we focus on dire outcomes, our dragon looms large and scary. When we shift our focus to the outcome we are reaching for, and keep it there, the dragon shrinks from lack of attention.

When love is big enough, courage rises to meet it


When clients get in touch with their big why, the fear they were feeling shrinks by comparison. For example, most people are terrified of public speaking, yet when James*, a passionate financial planner thought about the difference he could make in helping people become more prosperous and wisely invested, his fear of speaking felt less relevant. He knew if others had done it, he could too. He knew that the fear was temporary until he had some practice, but the results he created with clients was life changing and could last a lifetime, and fear wouldn’t. Shrink the dragon and enlarge the why. When we get in touch with the love driving the desire to serve, fear becomes less relevant. What is it that you would love to bring to the world if your fear didn’t stop you?

*Name changed to protect client privacy

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